Can I work for Expect Hope too?

By: Jeannette Sepulveda

As far back as I can remember, I have always believed babies were alive and growing in their mother’s wombs from the moment of conception. Early in my life, I could never grasp the idea of a woman having an abortion. But now, my response to abortion comes from a very personal experience. In 2008, I remember sitting in two different abortion clinics for the same pregnancy and loving my baby and being scared at the thought of physically sitting and waiting at the clinic. What has stayed with me is that as I sat waiting and crying, no counselor spoke to me, no doctor or nurse asked me if I was being forced to be there and there was no sense of anyone saying, “You have other options to help you support you and your baby.” No one reached out whatsoever, but I am so grateful that I didn’t go through with the abortion.

Now, fast forward 8 1/2 years later, I am the mother to a bright and charismatic young boy who continues to teach me each and every day. Here is a conversation that my son and I had a few nights ago that I found to be significant, and one that I desire to share.  We were at home, and I had been distracted by my phone and trying to get a few things done on a busy evening.

SB: Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom

Me: Sebastian, please allow me to send these messages. I’m not trying to ignore you. When I use my phone and ask you to wait it is because I’m doing work for Expect Hope.

SB: Oh, I thought you just don’t want to talk to me.

Me: Really? That’s not why. Maybe one day I’ll explain to you why Expect Hope is important.

SB: (sits down next to me and quietly waits)

Me: (finished text) Yes, baby?

SB: Tell me about Expect Hope.

Me: Well, you remember what abortion is?

SB: No, what is it again?

Me: When a mom is pregnant and goes to a doctor to take out her baby.

SB: Because she doesn’t want the baby?

Me: Not all the time. Sometimes. Or sometimes the dad doesn’t want her to have the baby. Or sometimes she can’t buy the baby food. She doesn’t have a home for the baby to live or have people to support her and her baby. People think that because the baby is small like a seed that it’s ok to have the abortion.

Well, Expect Hope gives the mommy a place to live, for free. Expect Hope gives the mommy and baby food and clothes, for free. The people that work there help her go to school and work and take care of the baby too-for up to two years after the child is born. They teach the mommy about God too. That’s why my job at Expect Hope is so important!

SB: Mommy, can I work for Expect Hope too?

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