We Need More Doors

By: Sharon

I have worked for the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry for 23 years.  I have seen so many women come, contemplating abortion, thinking it might be their only choice, and just looking for someone to direct them with what to do.  They are overwhelmed and scared, and often not able to see their own strengths or their obstacles as possibly temporary or even manageable.  If they stepped through another door—one providing a way to “remove” their problem—they’d  find someone who says, “you don’t have to deal with this pregnancy, no one will know, it will be in the past.”  Someone who could swipe their credit card and dismiss any thought to how the woman might feel later. But, if they come to our door, they have the opportunity to recognize the hard conviction of their hearts…and the possibilities…and find strength and courage. 


The problem is we need more doors.  And we need them in urban settings.  And we need doors that can provide longer-term care for those without a place to go.  Expect Hope provides the opportunity for women to get past the insurmountable pressures they fear – the pressures that could make it seem logical to end the life of their child – and find the love and resources they need to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of their lives.  Most of all, Expect Hope offers True Hope, in the only person that can offer real change and real life, Jesus Christ.  May God continue to bless Expect Hope and open even more doors to Life in Him.



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