Expect Hope … A positive answer to one of life’s dilemmas

By: Pearl Corbin

When one ministers to women in the Bronx, the same question undoubtedly arises, often sooner than later, “where do I refer this young woman?’   or “Where can she possibly go?”  The problem is one that is  universal:  poor choices were made, someone thought they were so in love that they need not wait until marriage or worse still, they were violated and now they are with child.  There are a myriad of reasons why things happen in life and young women become pregnant without the benefit of a loving and committed husband.  However, no matter what the prevailing circumstance behind an unplanned pregnancy may be, one fact remains: there is now another life on the scene. This brand new life is every bit as precious to God, as the life of the mother who conceived him or her, and the man who fathered the child.

This is where Expect Hope comes into the picture. Finally, a home will be available to young women who have come to the right decision that they will not do what many in their lives are pressuring them to do…they will not seek to destroy their baby, but allow for this precious new life to come to full term and be born.  

When I first learned of Expect Hope and the wonderful mission and goal of this new ministry, I was absolutely thrilled.  At last, there will be a loving and nurturing environment where a young pregnant woman in crisis, along with the unique new life inside her, can both be safe.   I still remember looking up towards heaven in my heart, with an inward huge sigh of relief, as I listened to someone share the goal and mission of Expect Hope.  The Bronx would finally have a place where the love of Christ would be tangibly demonstrated and poured on those blessed of God to receive such life changing care.

I cannot help, but recall the well known parable found in Luke 10:29-37, of the Good Samaritan.  The story tells of a man attacked, beaten, stripped of his clothes and left for dead by wicked men who robbed him and left him alone on the side of the road. A priest sees the dying man on the road, but fails to help him.  Instead he leaves him and crosses over to the other side.  Next, a Levite, comes and sees the robbed victim on the road and he too did exactly what the priest did…he sees, he leaves and crosses over to the other side.  Thank God for the third man who was a Samaritan.  This man also sees the condition of the severely wounded man, but instead of leaving him alone with his trouble, he has pity on him. Here’s the direct quote from verses 34 & 35 in the NIV:d89a8047

He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. 35 The next day he took out two denarii[c] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.”

The aforementioned beautiful story to me exemplifies the work of Expect Hope.  There are so many young women, bruised and battered by the devastating consequences of wrong choices, the world’s lies and so many other circumstances that result from believing and following the world’s entrapments. Very few young women know that there is a God who loves them, unconditionally, and has a wonderful plan for their lives, as well as the lives of their little ones. By opening up its doors to embrace, teach, train and mentor these new mothers’-to-be, Expect Hope is serving the ladies in its care as the Good Samaritan did. In the last four verses of Luke 10, Jesus said that we as His disciples should, “go and do likewise”.

It is such a joy, honor and privilege for me to serve on the board of Expect Hope. I too desire to be one of the many hands that seek to serve the broken young women who will come through the doors of this very special pregnancy home.

I invite you to also partner with Emily Prins, the director and visionary behind this new ministry, and all of us at Expect Hope, whom God has called to minister to lives about to be beautifully transformed by the love and power of Christ. Praying, working and believing God, together, we can all minister to those in desperate need of assistance, just as that Good Samaritan did in Luke 10.

You and I can, by the power of His wonderful and all powerful Holy Spirit, ‘go and do likewise.

2 thoughts on “Expect Hope … A positive answer to one of life’s dilemmas

  1. Evelyn Reply

    Praise God!! God hears our prayers for these women in need at a time as this.
    Hope to be able to contribute. Is there a direct deposit account for this cause. Thank you for sharing my sister. I will pray for these women and babies.
    Love you.

    • Emily Prins Post authorReply

      Hi Evelyn, thank you for your comment. Please check your email for the information to donate via direct deposit. Thank you for your care and willingness to be involved!
      Emily Prins, Director

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