Living Child vs Unwanted Tissue

By: Natalie Fisher

I have worked with women and men faced with an unplanned pregnancy for the past eight years.  In that time, I have walked individuals through their options and have tried to help them see past the fear of their pregnancy.  I have discovered that this fear originates from many different places; fear of not being able to financially support a child, fear of not having a place to live, fear of losing independence, fear of societal stigmas, fear of being unable to finish an education, fear of no support from a partner, fear of being unable to emotionally parent a child.  Often times, it’s many of these fears combined!  Since giving birth to my baby daughter this past February, I have reflected on my own pregnancy, and how our place in life reflects our feelings towards a pregnancy.  At my eight week ultrasound my husband and I were thrilled, inspecting the ultrasound image intently, pointing out the the features of our tiny little baby.  We framed this image and presented it to our family members excitedly.

ultrasound image stock

We marveled at how amazing it was that she was a part of the both of us, uniquely created by God.  At this moment in time we fell in love with our child, not even knowing whether it was a boy or girl, healthy or not, but simply knowing that this child was our own.  Though only the size of a kidney bean and still forming in many ways, we considered her a baby.  Our baby.  

At this same time I was meeting with clients who would discover that they were eight weeks pregnant.  They looked at this same ultrasound image of their eight week old unborn child, only they were crying, wishing this ultrasound image never existed, and fearing that their lives were over. Yet, here I was, rejoicing in my heart for this unborn life beating inside of me while talking to another woman across from me who was trying to convince herself that there was no life inside of her. Rather, it was merely unwanted “tissue”. How is it that we could be in the same exact situation, both eight weeks pregnant, yet one pregnancy was desired, and another was not. My heart broke for her unborn child. It broke for this mother who felt that the only way to save her situation was through abortion.

It is through the work of Expect Hope that we will be bringing hope to a situation that may otherwise seem hopeless.  We will be inviting mothers and their children in with the prayer that they will be experiencing, or expecting, the Hope in which only Christ offers.  In my work of coming alongside individuals who have been faced with an unplanned pregnancy, I have been able to witness that resources, such as Expect Hope, allows the woman to recognize that there are people who will come alongside her.  She sees that they will care for not only her physical situation, but for her soul, and that of her child, as well.  I am thrilled to be a part of such a compassionate ministry.  Each day I grow eager for us to open the doors of Expect Hope recognizing that the need is so great in this city in which we live.  Please join us in continued prayer for hearts to transform and lives to be reestablished as we await the opening of Expect Hope!

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