By: Nancy and Dan

My husband and I made the decision to support Expect Hope after we met Emily Prins at a charity event in 2015.  Emily explained the mission of Expect Hope, and to us it seemed to offer an entirely different range of services to expectant mothers.  Expect Hope seeks to truly change these women’s lives, not only through the teaching of the Gospel and biblical principles, but by equipping them to be the best mothers, providers and witnesses to their children.  The opportunity to make true, lasting and enduring changes in the lives of these women and their newborn children is a goal that we support wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm.  Since our initial meeting in 2015, Emily has proven herself to be highly motivated and completely dedicated to this project, and we know that it will be a success because of her commitment to it.  We hope that our financial contributions will assist her in achieving this goal.

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