Beautiful People

By Kirsten Prins

           Pregnancy and childbirth had never been my passion. I have never been pregnant or birthed anything (though I do enjoy birthdays). Through a series of events, I have become passionate about Expect Hope and eager to contribute financially to help these underserved women.

Nursing was already a second career, following a short bout in accounting. Upon relocating to New York City, I interviewed at a large medical center. I was asked what unit I would like to work for. “Well… what do you have?” The woman ran through a short list of units with openings, one of which was Labor and Delivery. It had never been on my radar, but it sounded interesting and I decided to interview. Three years later, I am still working on that unit and thoroughly enjoy assisting women to bring life into the world (more specifically, to New York City!). One of the less glamorous parts of the job is terminations. Past 16 weeks, most women are required to abort on Labor and Delivery. The indication is often due to abnormalities, which may or may not be nonviable.

I felt stunned and sad the first time I delivered an aborted child. It was a set of boy/girl twins and, though noticeably deformed, they were both beautiful. I gazed at each of them as I took their weights and measurements and wrote sympathy cards to the parents. Abortion hadn’t been real to me until that moment.

Over time, I have seen several exquisite aborted babies. Some have Down’s Syndrome, some have conditions that are incompatible with life, and others have deformities. I see the sorrow in parents’ eyes, the tearful disappointment, as most of these pregnancies were desired until their doctors alerted them to the issue.

        I am training a new nurse for a few months. Last week, I grabbed her and asked if she was ready to see one of these “fetuses”. She decided to come see it. “Wow…” She paused as she took in the reality of what most of our peers call a “fetus”. Then finally she commented, “It’s beautiful… I may have to reconsider my views on abortion.”

        And that is the reality. In-utero or out, these developing humans are people, and, trust me, they are beautiful. They’re not just “tissue” or “parts”.

I see the sorrow of women who miscarry and I see the disappointment of parents who assume they are doing the right thing when they follow their doctor’s advice to terminate the pregnancy. Though I have little experience with unsupported pregnancies, I am convinced that the innate desire to conserve and protect an unborn child is an instinct that God has given women, regardless of ethnic, demographic, or economic factors.

I believe that every woman ought to be given the chance and support to carry through her pregnancy, to provide a life for her child, and to flourish as she transitions into the role of a mother. The opportunity that Expect Hope offers in assisting women to achieve this through its Christ-centered program is astounding and powerful. I feel honored to donate my time, effort, and finances to support this ministry.

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