Why do I support Expect Hope?

By: Kelly

It’s an honor to be able to be a part of Expect Hope by being a financial supporter. This ministry stands in an important place. This is a place that not many people stand in- beside and behind expecting mothers. Expect Hope provides volunteers and staff that do ministry how Jesus did it- the incarnational, hands on, messy work of loving those that many cast aside.   By being a resource for these women, they not only provide them with physical, necessary support (a place to stay, job training, necessities), but also get to share with them the hope of Christ. That their story doesn’t have to continue the way it’s going. That Christ redeems and makes all things new. And the best part is that decisions these moms make NOW will impact not only their life, but the life of their unborn child. They can be the first generation to follow Christ and show their kid what that means! Their kids life can-and, oftentimes, will-look different because of Expect Hope. Not because Expect Hope will get everything right, but because of the God that compels and empowers them. Because, through the work of Expect Hope, moms will have a better understanding of how much God loves them. And the Holy Spirit will use that to bring people home. And although I live miles away, in a rural town that doesn’t have a single skyscraper, I can still be a part of this ministry in one of the largest cities in the world. And that’s pretty amazing.

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