Why do I support Expect Hope?

By: Expect Hope Visionary

With regards to abortion, the focal argument of pro-choice is just that—choice. The reason I support Expect Hope financially is because, guess what, it provides an expectant mother who has very limited options, that’s right—a choice. I suggest the reason the pro-choice argument has been simplified to mean ‘To abort or not to abort’ (which in my opinion means to kill) is because there have not been enough options for young expectant women who don’t know what to do. Expect Hope is an important step in what I believe should become a marathon for anyone claiming pro-life. That is, the introduction of choices—houses such as Expect Hope, adoption, foster care, medical care. Let us make the argument about what choice an expectant mother has to keep or depart with her child in a peaceful manner, not about the choice to kill.

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