By: Expect Hope Visionary

Faith is fuel. Faith in anything causes you to keep going, while lack of faith causes you to wonder why even bother anymore. It is encouraging to see no lack of faith in Expect Hope’s leadership, the volunteers, and in the women now living there. It takes a great deal of faith to stand against something that has become quite popular today–that is, abortion. It takes faith to believe that there is a God who did not intend for babies to be severed from their mothers at birth. It takes faith to start from nothing, to turn to the community around you, and to build a safe home for expectant mothers. And lastly, it takes no little amount of faith for a young woman to step into an unfamiliar environment and put her new family’s well-being into the hands of strangers.

Why does any of this matter? It matters because faith is fueling the good things that are coming out of Expect Hope. And it isn’t just faith in God, but also in other people, and the idea that, Maybe I can have a familyMaybe this will work out Maybe there is still reason to hope.  

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