By Kirk van der Swaagh

There are few of us who accomplish something so significant that it dramatically shifts the culture. Think of Henry Ford and his strategy for mass producing cars, or Thomas Edison and his development of reliable electric light. For better or worse, both of these men radically altered the landscape. For most of us, our influence is much smaller. It may involve the culture of our family, or workplace, or local church, but the opportunity, vision, and competency to effect large-scale change is not afforded to many.

But the extent of our culture-shifting is not as important as the fact of our culture-shifting. When Jesus labels his disciples “salt and light” he is intending us to have an affect on the world in which we live, no matter how “small” that world may be. This is what makes your obedience to his call on behalf of Expect Hope so important. Your material and spiritual support of the vision, staff, mothers and babies of Expect Hope is a work of culture-shifting. Immediately, it promotes life in the face of death, offers hope where there could easily have been despair, and dispenses light in the midst of darkness. That’s a shift of culture, a profound shift of culture, for everyone involved in the day-to-day reality of Expect Hope. In the long-run . . . who knows? Children born to Expect Hope mamas might do extraordinary things. But even if they enter the ranks of us small world influencers they are the beneficiaries of your faithful obedience to the call of Christ.

Your cultural influence might not be noted by historians or analyzed by social scientists, but those who experience the saltiness of the Expect Hope family will have reason to “give glory to our Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). That is a work of culture-shifting with eternal significance. I, for one, am grateful to be a part of it.

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  1. Viviana Camacho Reply

    That was so beautiful! I am blessed to be part of Expect Hope! It is a plessure to assist the mom’s and see how their love for their child grows more and more everyday. Most of all it is a joy to watch them learn more and more about the Lord and to hear their questions and to watch them help one another understand the Bible study. I am thanful to God for this beautiful Ministry.

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