They told me I was safe…

Written by Eastern Christian Middle Schoolers in their Make a Difference (MAD) Group


Lost, Scared, Trapped

I feel like I’m in a big dark  room

No one can get me out of this nightmare

No one can understand what I’m feeling

I want out but it’s too late

I wish this had never happened

I wish I could escape the pain


Tehillah –

They told me it was okay,

They told me I was safe,

Just do it once is what they said,

So I did,

So I tried,

But they tricked me,

But they lied,

Now I have this creature,

Living inside of me,

I have a baby,

My mom is disappointed,

My dad wants me to leave,

With with plea they asked me,

To get rid of my baby,

It’s okay,

It’s safe,

But I didn’t do it,

Because the last time I listened,

I ended up pregnant.


Grace –

There is a place where I can go

To help myself succeed

They can help me bounce back

But I’m not sure it is guaranteed

I’m sure that I will go

After all they can give me hope.

This place is Expect Hope.


Tehillah –

Expect hope,

Expect change,

For your old ways,

You won’t be the same,

Come in with four other girls,

All in your situation,

Anything above 18,

And pregnant,

We are all the same,

We all have an issue,

What’s inside of us,

It’s more than just tissue,

It’s a baby,

Female or male it doesn’t matter,

It’s our baby,

And we won’t get rid of it,

Here in the Bronx,

With the highest abortion rate,

We won’t give in,

Because life isn’t ours to take,

So thank you Expect Hope for giving us a chance,

To be the better moms we thought we couldn’t.

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