Thank you for your interest in entering our program. We offer a safe home for mothers who desire to prepare an independent life for their new families. To be eligible for our program, you must be: Pregnant18 years or older, without guardianship of any other children.



This is what you would receive as a resident of Expect Hope:

HOUSING for you and your child up until your children turn two years old

A LIFE SKILLS CURRICULUM preparing you for independent living

GOAL PLANNING towards a self-sustainable life


Individualized ACADEMIC TUTORING to advance the education of each resident

Free, onsite PARENTING ASSISTANCE while you are in class or at work

A JOB PLACEMENT program to prepare you and assist you to find employment

Continual physical, emotional, and spiritual SUPPORT from staff members and mentors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does a typical day in the home look like?

On a typical day, residents participate in community meals, Bible Study, life skills classes, chores, fun activities, and relaxation.

Do I pay anything for living there?

No. All of the services we provide are completely free because of generous, private donations. You don’t need to pay for food, transportation, or rent.

Is this just a free housing program?

While we do provide free housing, the Expect Hope program is so much more than that! Residents are supported in learning life skills, increasing their academics, and finding a job to provide for them and their child. This is the place for you in you are ready to build an independent life.

Will I have my own room?

Each resident has their own bedroom to share with their baby. The other common rooms in the house are shared by all residents: kitchen, bathroom, lounges, etc.

How long can I stay?

Our program is designed to support you throughout your pregnancy and for about two years following that.

What are my responsibilities?

As a member of our community, you will be expected to share in the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, meeting together, attending church and Bible classes, and enjoying life together.

Am I allowed to go to school?

We encourage you in your academic goals and will support a reasonable class schedule as you prepare for and adjust to motherhood.

Can I work?

Our program is designed for mothers to set aside the time of pregnancy and at least the first twelve months after giving birth to prepare for and then bond with baby while pursuing life skills education and academic goals in our home. If it aligns with your educational and long-term goals, we will assist you in finding part time employment no sooner than 12 months after your baby is born for the purpose of saving at minimum 80% your income so that you can afford living expenses when you transition out of our program.

Is there curfew?

Yes, all residents must be home by a specified time each day.

What if I’m not religious?

Residents have the right to hold and express their personal faith in God or lack of faith. However, Expect Hope is a program founded on the principles and teaching found in the Bible, and these principles will be applied in policies and procedures such as weekly church attendance.

Where is the home located?

In the Bronx, NY

How do I apply?

There is no paper application. Please contact our staff to begin the interview process by phone: 347-577-6331. Please email us at with the best phone number and times to reach you and your estimated due date.