Thank you for your interest in joining the Expect Hope staff! We look forward to hearing from you.

To apply for a position with Expect Hope, please complete the Expect Hope Inc. Employee Application and sign the consent form. Send the completed application along with cover letter and resume to

Resident Assistant/House Mama

Description: The Resident Assistant responsibilities include supervising daily house management, creating a nurturing and warm environment for the mothers and babies, ensuring that residents complete household responsibilities, and enforcing house policies by correcting and teaching residents and giving consequences when necessary. The Resident Assistant will mentor and disciple residents as well as educate them in the area of life skills and parenting skills. The Resident Assistant must be able to work and thrive in a highly collaborative environment. Performs other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Available as a full time opportunity. The weekly work schedule requires 40 waking hours in addition to several overnights during which the RA is expected to sleep in the home and remain on call in the event of an emergency. 

Qualifications: A) Be a committed follower of Jesus Christ. B) Be a member of church that aligns with the statement of faith of Expect Hope. C) Be capable of providing leadership and spiritual guidance to residents by word and deed. D) Demonstrate a strong commitment to the sanctity of life. E) Be a person of demonstrated integrity, maturity, and sound judgment. F) Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. G) Must have an Associate’s degree (Bachelor’s preferred) or commensurate experience.

Particular Responsibilities:

Work within the Team

o    Be a team member in seeing that the philosophy, purpose, and objectives of the house are being implemented with each resident

o   Be a team member under the direction of Supervisor.

o   Be punctual, attend, and actively participate in all staff meetings, trainings, and special functions

o   Maintain a Christ-centered environment that is joyful, relaxing, and peaceful.

o   Represent the home by making presentations to local churches and other groups on occasion.

Listen to podcasts on a weekly basis, sharing takeaways and applications with the team. 

o   Attend all workshops or conferences that are recommended to increase skills and staff development.

o   Be on call at all times to provide coverage for the home in the event of an emergency

o  Maintain confidentiality for every resident and her child and every aspect of the program.

o  Participate in occasional fundraising events – help plan, set up, tear down, present, run information tables

o   Model a life lived in submission to and worship of Jesus Christ


Serve the Residents

o   Be a supportive, loving friend to each of the residents living in the home while maintaining a professional distance.

o   Be encouraging and help each resident to learn to live with and adjust to the rights and responsibilities that come with being a member of the household

o   Be an active member of the household, engaging with the mothers and their babies

o   Maintain an attitude that promotes availability to the residents

o   Assist residents with homework, life skills work, or Bible studies as needed

o   Have the responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the home and care of the residents.

o   Conduct room checks and chore checks

o   Help the residents meet appointments and other responsibilities. Know where each resident is when she is outside the home.

o  Monitor leisure time activities, including TV, computer (internet), music, and phone use to ensure that all forms of entertainment align with the Christ-centered nature of the program.

o   Provide a means of approved physical exercise and recreation for the residents.

o   Assist each mother in developing her gifts and talents by recognizing such gifts and lending encouragement and praise.

o   Provide individual attention to mothers as needed and be aware of each resident’s emotional needs.

o   Be willing to assist mothers through labor and delivery, if birth coach is unavailable.

o   Teach residents good habits for personal hygiene and dress etiquette.

o   Assist in teaching and coordinating Bible classes, life skills classes, weekly activities, and monthly outings

o   Assist each resident in all aspects of caring for her child.

o   Identify problem areas in mothers’ parenting skills and cooperate with the team to develop an improvement plan.


Manage the Home

o  Maintain a comfortable, clean, and nurturing home, with the assistance of the residents.

o  Record daily notes and documentation in case management software.

o  Record incoming material donations and supplies.

o  Maintain accurate inventory lists of the home.

o   Run errands and make approved purchases as necessary

o   Plan, cook, and supervise preparation of well-balanced meals. Keep log of meals served.

o  Along with other members of the house staff, be responsible for answering the phone and conveying messages.

o   Ensure that only approved guests enter the home and maintain Visitor Log

o  Update and maintain a needs list for the home.

o  Be responsible for upkeep and maintenance of outside grounds, with the assistance of the other house staff and residents.

o  Submit weekly reflections on service