This program is an opportunity to experience a close knit community and personal spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. Our role is to empower each resident to reach her goals. This is a general timeline that guides residents set long-term and short-term goals with the help of the Staff. In each stage of the program (with the exception of Stage 2), residents participate in Bible classes, mentorship, and house maintenance.

Stage 1: Learning and Growing – Duration of Pregnancy

During pregnancy, residents will create a personal growth plan for the next two years. They will begin pursuing their short-term goals through life skills classes and other appointments. They will also connect with a personal mentor and mentor family during this phase.


Stage 2: Welcoming Baby – One Month following Birth

Following the birth their children, residents are exempt from daily and weekly chores for a period of time up to one month, as well as all out-of-house program activities. If they have a c-section, they will be exempt 6-8 weeks. This will allow them to connect with their children, heal, and adjust to daily life with your baby.


Stage 3: Pursuing Goals – First Year of Baby’s Life

The year following giving birth will be dedicated to forming vital bonds with their babies, completing all life skills classes and pursuing academic goals.


Stage 4: Towards Independence – Second Year of Baby’s Life

Within one month of their children’s first birthday, they will pursue full-time employment and place most of their income in savings as they prepare for independent living. At the end of that year, we will assist them in transitioning to their new homes. They will create a personal growth plan for the next two years of their journeys as they live independently of Expect Hope.