This program is an opportunity to experience a close-knit community and personal spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. Our role is to empower each resident to reach her goals.

This is a general timeline that will guide you as you set short-term and long-term goals in three-month increments with the help of our team. Initially, all residents enroll for the period of time from their pregnancy to three months postpartum. At that point, you may re-interview for another three-month session in our program. If what you are looking for at each point continues to align with our program’s core values and goals, you may continue to re-interview with the potential of re-enrolling for ongoing three-month sessions, through your child’s second birthday. 

In each stage of the program, you will participate in Bible classes, mentorship, case management, and house maintenance. These are all designed to equip you with all the tools you need to succeed as a strong, independent mother and to strengthen the ones you already have.

Stage 1: Learning and Growing – Duration of Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you will grow in embracing our core values and pursue your short-term goals through life skills classes, case management meetings, and other appointments and activities.

Stage 2: Welcoming Baby – One Month following Birth

Following the birth of your child, you will be exempt from daily and weekly chores for four weeks, as well as all out-of-house program activities. If you have a c-section, you will be exempt for eight weeks. This will allow you to bond with your child, heal, and adjust to daily life with your baby. You must still maintain the cleanliness of your room and clean up after yourself in the bathroom. You must still participate in Bible classes, case meetings, group meals, Girl’s Night, and church.

Stage 3: Pursuing Goals – First Year of Baby’s Life

The year following giving birth will be dedicated to forming a vital bond with your baby, completing all life skills classes, and pursuing academic goals. Our team places a high priority on assisting you in increasing your education during the time you are in our program. It may not be possible to complete a specific degree in full before your transition out to independent living, but we want to help you get as far as you can as quickly as possible while receiving the benefits of our program. Completing your degree as a part-time student while living independently is attainable and we encourage you towards that.

Stage 4: Towards Independence – Second Year of Baby’s Life

Within one month of your child’s first birthday, if you are not receiving income from other sources, you may pursue part-time employment (20 hours or less) and place at least 80% of your income in savings as you prepare for independent living. You will be provided with resources to secure childcare outside of our home. At the end of that year, we will support you in transitioning to your new home.