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Our Vision

The vision of Expect Hope is to see mothers who choose life for their unborn children raising them in the knowledge of God, living independently and established in the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

The mission of Expect Hope is to provide a supportive residence for expectant women while they build self-sustainable lives founded on faith in Jesus Christ.

Lives Are Ending


  • New York City is the abortion capital of the nation with 37% of all viable pregnancies ending in abortion. Consequently, New York has the highest abortion rate of the entire United States.
  • The Bronx has the highest abortion rate of all five boroughs. Every child conceived in the Bronx has a 45% chance of being aborted.
  • In the zip code in which Expect Hope is located, more children are being aborted (52%) than born.
Common Reasons Women Have Abortions
  • Lack of economic stability
  • Cannot afford a child
  • Unreadiness to parent
  • Lack of support from partner
  • Poor relationship with father of child
  • Responsibilities to other children or family members




We Provide An Alternative to Abortion by Providing
  • Housing for unsupported expectant mothers and their children
  • life skills curriculum preparing residents for independent living
  •  Biblical teaching and guidance
  • Free, onsite parenting assistance for approved times and activities
  • A job readiness program to prepare residents for employment

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