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Our program is an opportunity to experience healthy community and personal spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. We recognize that you are an independent woman and we want to help you strengthen the abilities that you have already developed. Our role is to empower you to reach your goals.


This is a general timeline that will guide you from the moment you enter the program. Our team will help you set short-term and long-term goals. You will check-in with our staff every three months to review your goals and assess whether our program is still the best to fit the needs of you and your child, up to two years postpartum. 


In each stage of the program, you will participate in classes, case management meetings and life skills. These elements of the program are designed to equip you with essential tools you will need to succeed as a strong, independent mother.

Stage 1: Learning 

In this stage, you will learn essential skills to prepare for motherhood by: 

  • Applying and living out our Core Values
  • Setting short-term goals
  • Identifying and applying necessary life skills classes
  • Gaining knowledge of God’s love

Stage 2: Building

In this stage, you will focus on healing and building: 

  • A healthy bond with your baby
  • A connection with God
  • A productive daily routine
  • A plan to reach your goals, hopes and dreams

Stage 3: Maturing

In this stage, you will have opportunities to mature by focusing on:

  •  Motherhood
  • Education
  • Goal setting
  • Relationship with God

Stage 4: Advancing

This stage leads to establishing an independent and stable life for you and your child by:

  • Actively walking out your faith in God
  • Completing career training and/or educational programs
  • Acquiring a source of income
  • Attaining resources to ensure independence 
  • Celebrating your journey with the Expect Hope program and your next steps 
  • Continuing a relationship with Expect Hope through our alumni network