Donate Today!

Expect Hope would not be possible without our team of volunteers.  If you are interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities, please email:  [email protected].

Social Media Influencer

Description: Actively engage and promote Expect Hope on the social media platforms of Facebook & Instagram

Time and Location: Whenever possible from the comfort of your own home

Commitment: Daily

Five Easy Steps

  1. Like our page –> There is a box with a “…” on it, click that and then select “Manage follow settings”

  2. In your newsfeed, make sure that “Favorites” is selected – this increases your opportunities to see our posts in your newsfeed

  3. Like or put another emoticon on every single Expect Hope post you see

  4. Comment on every Expect Hope post you see (It doesn’t have to be profound, just a sentence, a word, or even an emoticon will do)

  5. Share Expect Hope posts on your personal Facebook page at least once a week


Description: Be a spokesperson for the ministry and help run the information table at events

Time and Location: Flexible time at various churches, conferences, and events

Commitment: As needed


Church Contact 

Description: Connect us with your church by introducing us to the leadership and arranging a time when we can come present to the congregation 

Time and Location: Flexible time

Commitment: At your earliest convenience

Prayer Team Member

Description: Pray for the current residents and the staff members of Expect Hope

Time and Location: 8:00- 9:00PM on Zoom (819-130-5852) 

CommitmentFirst of every month